Dana LeBlanc Designs Gift Card - DLD Jewelry Gift Certificate

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Know someone that would love DLD but not sure what to get them?!? This is a digital coupon code you can download and email to them! It's a great way to send a gift that you know they will love!

1. Purchase the gift card amount you would like.

2. Within 24 hours, we will email you a file with a code specific to your name (or recipients name) with your selected gift card amount.

3. If you want to personalize the name on the code, please let us know. For example if your recipient is named "Jane", then we can make the code with their name in it. The name used at checkout will be used if you choose not to personalize it.

4. You can email the digital gift card to the recipient or you can print and mail it to them.

5. Once the code is used it will be deactivated.

6. If you need a gift card for more than $200, please send us message. 

7. The currency we use is US Dollars. 

If you would like to customize the amount, please let us know.

The coupon code must be used in one transaction.